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Here you can find out everything you need to know about the PDF Flipbook.

The designation "Flip PDF", "PDF to browse", "PDF flip catalogue", etc. is actually misleading. The "normal" PDF File has no page flip effect. You can only navigate between the pages, but always without the page  flip effect.
In order to create an e-paper with the page flip effect, the PDF must be converted into an HTML file. And that is completely uncomplicated at Page-Flip24! Simply send your PDF file to Page-Flip24 and you will receive your personal PDF with the flip effect within a very short time.

The ordering process is very simple. Use the order form to send us your PDF file. After the data transfer, the data will be checked by an employee and your pageable e-paper (flipbook) will be created immediately. We will then send you a link to your personal e-paper for checking and approval. After your approval, you will receive the data package for the flipbook as a ZIP file to upload to your web server. You will receive instructions for uploading with your order.
Before we send the data package, we send you the invoice. You can pay the invoice with paypal.

The PDF file should not contain any double pages. Deliver a so-called single-page PDF that contains all pages. The PDF file must have uniformly sized pages. The number of pages in the PDF file must be divisible by two, the minimum number of pages is two pages. You must have prepared the PDF file accordingly for automatic recognition of the table of contents or hyperlinks.

After you have copied the data for the flipbook to your web server via FTP, you can send the "link" to the flipbook via email.

The data package of the flipbook PDF cannot be sent by email due to the large amount of data and the data structure.

To put your page flip PDF online, you need FTP access to your web server! You get the data of the page flip PDF as a zip archive. Unpack the zip archive on your hard drive and copy the unpacked folder to your web server via FTP. You will receive instructions with your order.

Does the page flip PDF also run under a Content Management System (CMS)?
Basically, you can answer this question with "yes". However, you absolutely need FTP access to your web server. The page flip PDF data must be uploaded to your web server via FTP. "Uploading" via the content management system is usually not possible. Before ordering, please contact your web admin or internet agency to ensure that an FTP upload is available.

Website modular systems including Jimdo, Wix or similar
Integrating the page flip PDF into website construction kits such as Jimdo, Wix or similar is almost impossible. The website construction kit systems usually do not offer access via FTP. Before ordering, clarify with your provider whether you have FTP access to your website.

Yes, the page flip PDF runs on all mobile devices and automatically adapts to the screen size.

No, the page flip PDF is a closed system and can only be edited by us.

After receiving the data of your page flip PDF, check the function immediately. If the page flip PDF has technical problems, please contact us within 14 days of receipt of the data. Technical problems will be fixed by us free of charge as far as possible. If the technical problems cannot be resolved, we will refund the purchase price. In this case, you may no longer use the page flip PDF supplied by us and undertake to delete the data. We assume no responsibility for technical problems with our own hosting. Simply make use of our free trial offer, so you can see in advance what your page flip PDF will look like.

You don't need any special software. The page flip PDF runs on standard Windows and Apple computers as well as mobile devices with pre-installed web browsers and automatically adapts to the screen size.

No, after the purchase you will not incur any further costs. With us there is no contract, subscription model and we guarantee no follow-up or hidden additional costs.

No, you buy an unlimited page flip PDF from us, without any advertising or logos. How you use your page flip PDF is up to you. For example, you can resell the data or host it multiple times. The term is not limited either.

Our page flip PDF is ad-free, without any ads or logos. You receive the data at your own disposal.

Yes, the trial version is completely free and you do not commit to anything. The trial version is in no way different from the version ordered later.

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